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Oversized shrug

Our oversized shrug was inspired by the cocoon silhouette of the 1920s. The design is simple and relaxed. The shrug is stylish yet cozy and comfortable. Its creation was inspired by the warm and welcoming feelings brought to us by the cozy and intimate atmosphere of our homes. Our goal was to create an item that will remind you of this comfortable feeling wherever you are. Simply unfold the outer layers and reveal the heart of your home at the center; reveal yourself.

Our shrug is a wonderful top layer for Spring and Fall and easily can be dressed up or down to achieve your individual look. 

Custom orders available upon request. Please contact us for details. 

Made of wool and synthetic blend the shrug serves as an outer layer to keep you warm. One snap button lets you easily close the shrug.

Fabric: wool and synthetic blend

Sizing: one size

Collections: shrugs and coats

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