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Our Story

       SAMIMAY came to life as a collaboration by four women – three sisters: Sylvia, Aneta and Maria and their friend Izabela. Our Story began in Chicago when Sylvia and Izabela met to catch up over dinner and drinks. Sylvia had just returned from Europe and inspired by the flare of European fashion she confided that she'd love to start a clothing business of her own here in Chicago. Izabela had always dreamt of owning a small business so she suggested that they should go into business together. As they were brainstorming, both felt that most of the clothing brands in the US offered something that we've all seen and tried; more of the same.  They wanted to offer something new and unique yet versatile enough to go with both professional work setting and casual jeans attire.  Then, their conversation turned to their grandmothers. Sylvia’s grandma, a warm and loving lady, was a seamstress by profession who made clothes for her large family - eight children and later twenty five grandchildren. Izabela's grandma was, and still is, a classy fashionista. She has the cheerful personality of a social butterfly and is constantly interested in new elegant outfits, unique fabrics and the latest trends. Sylvia and Izabela joked how different their grandmas’ lives would have been had they lived in 21st century Chicago and concluded jokingly that they’d likely go into the fashion business together.  Izabela recalled a reversible fashion vest that her grandma had made decades ago and came to the realization that, with the changing fashion world, this type of versatile outerwear would be very popular today. Her vest was elegant yet versatile enough to look great in both upscale and casual settings.  This vest idea, coupled with the need for something new and unique, sparked their new company motto: Versatile Elegance.  

       During the next few months, Sylvia and Izabela researched small label design, fabrics, fashion industry, and local boutiques.  They were very excited to begin this journey together and honor their grandmothers by opening an online clothing boutique with ties to Europe. The core message of their clothing line would be Versatile Elegance and the key element to making it happen was involving Sylvia's sisters: Aneta and Maria who live in Poland. Both sisters enjoy arts, fashion and working with textiles and Maria had already been making her own unique clothing and jewelry. After hundreds of emails, phone calls and Skype conferences, Sylvia had made a trip to Europe to work out the details in person. The three sisters purchased sewing equipment and visited distributors of quality fabrics made in Italy and England. They also finalized the design and made the first product prototype, the shawl cape. This uniquely designed product is elegant yet can easily be dressed up or down.  It allows for several styling options, making it very versatile and something completely different than most fashion outerwear. The first 25 capes were made in the Fall of 2014 and had sold within two weeks!   The next batch landed in several local Chicago boutiques and did very well.  Encouraged by feedback from customers, friends and family, we continue to make and sell capes and also design additional products.

       SAMI represents the first letter initials of the four owners: Sylvia, Aneta, Maria and Izabela. MAY simply represents the month when this business idea solidified and it's also Aneta and Maria's birth month, so it holds some sentimental value to us.  We appreciate ANY feedback so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments.  Thank you!

SamiMay team