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       Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandma who essentially helped my parents raise me.  Going to her house usually meant that we’d be treated to some amazing food and if I were lucky she’d let my sister and I play dress-up in her enormous closet.
My grandma’s closet was amazing not just due to its size, but also because the clothes she had were out of this world – dozens of belts, shoes, purses and dresses in all kinds of fabrics and colors.  My grandma herself is an elegant and classy lady who loves a wide range of fabrics, designs and articles totally out of her era.  My grandpa was a rather accomplished professor who had traveled internationally and grandma would often come with him. This was a perfect opportunity for my grandma to shop and she did it very well!  Grandma would often make her own clothes too and loved getting compliments on them.  One of her favorite self-made pieces was her reversible vest.  This cozy yet stylish piece was so versatile she’d wear it to church and then again at home or when sipping tea with her friends in the garden.  She made it out of fabric that she had purchased during one of her trips to Italy.  I remember it very well to this day.
        I’m now miles away from my grandma but her strength of character and passion for creativity has been with me my whole life.  She has inspired me to have a business of my own and start a venture with my best friend Sylvia and her crafty sisters. There is no better way to honor this amazing lady than by offering reversible capes and vests to our elegant customer base!


Izabela Fitts
Co-founder, SamiMay