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Capes That Care

At SAMIMAY, we feel that individual and corporate giving make this world a better place.  The reward for offering help is far-reaching as it impacts not only the beneficiary, but also the giver and anyone observing the act.  It betters society as a whole.

In order to be a part of this pay-it-forward movement, and to recognize those serving others in need, we decided to launch a simple giving initiative: Capes that Care.  Periodically, we will choose a charity or fundraiser that inspires greatness through dedication to a cause.  We will choose a person who inspires us and promotes compassion through her hard work and kind-heartedness. Our program will include a short interview with our guest and, in the month that follows the publication, we will donate 50% of our online sales to her charity or fund. 

As a Thank You for the inspiration through such heroic work, we’ll also present our guest with one of our capes.  Because #EveryHeroNeedsaCape.


ALIZA SETTECASE                         SHALEE CUNNEEN                          ABBY J