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Our Philosophy

       Our goal is to deliver versatile clothing that complements your style, and occasion, and lets you express your individuality. We stay true to the slow fashion movement by bringing you products that are classic, timeless and made from superb fabrics. The self-expression is achieved through creativity as our products offer several styling options and YOU are the creator. Your life is a blend of various activities, events and journeys. You experience a range of feelings and emotions: from happiness and excitement to nostalgia or melancholy, but also confidence, love, serenity, contentment, and many more. Our products give you the tools to design your own creations and not only fit your look to your emotions and your surroundings but enhance them.  

       Our products are made with impeccable craftsmanship. We select some of the finest wool, cashmere and synthetic blends that are produced primarily in Italy and England. Each of our pieces is hand made by Aneta and Maria with the utmost attention to detail and thoroughness. The rich fabric quality combined with hand-crafted components provide luxurious feelings of comfort and effortless grace.  We focus on simple, yet unique and elegant designs, most of which provide multiple styling possibilities. Simplifying your closet with our tailored elegant outerwear leaves more room for your other coveted haute must-haves.

       The resulting elegance and class embodied in our line provides the rich feeling of self-expression and luxury, whether you are in an upscale setting or running daily errands, allowing you to demonstrate the quintessence of YOU in any given moment.