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shawl cape collection

The shawl cape is our signature product designed in a simple yet sophisticated pattern which allows several styling options.  It can be worn as a cape, vest, sweater dress, sleeveless jacket or a wrap and comes with a detachable belt so you can choose to leave it open like a true cape or belt it like a jacket.  The most unique feature of our shawl cape is its convertible nature.  Since it's made out of reversible fabric it allows for two lengths:  long (just above the knee length) or short (at the hip length) depending on how you put it on. The shawl feature can be left open or closed up into a true shawl which offers versatile style and functionality.  With a single tuck or twist of fabric, this versatile shawl cape transforms into something new, exciting, and flattering. Please visit our tutorial to learn more about the styling options. 

We hand select the fabrics from producers in Italy and England and focus on double-sided wool, blends of cashmere and synthetic blends. The soft to touch fabrics offer a desirable feeling of comfort and luxury.  Based on fabric's thickness and weight we describe it as:  Light (300- 400 gr), Medium (400-500 gr) and Heavy (500-600 gr). The higher the weight the warmer the fabric.


Custom orders available upon request. Please contact us for details.